5 Reasons We Love Low Season in Costa Rica

It’s the first of May and the rain has finally started to fall on the thirsty southern Nicoya Peninsula. The rain is right on time with the beginning of ‘low season’ for tourism in Costa Rica, which runs roughly from May to October. While the mad rush of tourism may be slowing down, ‘low season’ may actually be the best time to visit. Here are 5 reasons we love the low season in CR and think you might enjoy it too.

1. Bird Lover's Morning - WoodpeckerBird Watching – There is still plenty of bird watching to do during this time and while some of the migrating species may not be visible, there are many resident birds you can easily spot. (Tip: Arenal area is great for viewing Toucans year around, and JC is happy to help novice birders spot them or any other birds on your viewing checklist.)

2. Less Crowded – Since the rush is over, there’s a more tranquil atmosphere especially in beach towns. Fewer people are jamming into the small towns and stealing the quiet away from your relaxing vacation.

3. Cooler Climate – In some regions like the southern Nicoya Peninsula and Guanacaste areas, it is HOT during Costa Rica’s summer. Low season brings rain and cooler temperatures so you can enjoy the outdoors without the heat. Just pack your rain gear and you’ll love the respite from the heat. Rain also means greener, more beautiful landscapes for these drier regions of the country. Don’t worry, if you’re looking for sunshine you’ll still get plenty here.

4. Deals – Hotels usually offer cheaper rates for low season, or shoulder seasons and who doesn’t love a good deal? Many tour operators also offer cheaper rates on activities, however you should consider that many tours require a minimum number of participants to run the tour, and since there are fewer tourists around, it may be difficult to book these. As an alternative, you can take a private tour or hire a private guide for slightly more than a group tour. The benefit is that you’ll get more personal attention, probably get to see more, and you’ve likely already saved some money on your hotel stay.

5. Connect with Locals – It’s quieter, less crowded and not as busy, so that means you get a little one on one time with locals. Take advantage of it and strike up a conversation with local restaurant and store owners. You can always find out lots of interesting information you wouldn’t find in a guide book or brochure this way. (If you’re a little shy, we can help you connect with locals on our “Let’s Get Local” tour.)


What “Green” Really Means

It’s ‘green season‘ in Costa Rica. What that means is that it’s the rainy season; a time when many travelers opt to avoid the country due to the rain that dampens the joy of beach time and many outdoor activities. What it really means though, is a beautiful lush green countryside, sprinkled with periodic showers that cool the humid tropical air. It’s also a great time to be in Costa Rica because there are fewer travelers crowding the roads, beaches and buses and also making rates on many activities and accommodations much more affordable.

Moreover, while for many regions throughout the country, rain has drenched the land for months now, Montezuma, located in the southern Nicoya Peninsula, feels like summer never ended. Although the effects of this are yet undetermined and cause is still uncertain, the fact is, that now is the time to visit. Many visitors make their travel arrangements around the beginning of the holidays, mid-November on, but one of the best times to be in the area is precisely, right now! The area is literally green and beautiful, calm and best of all, still has plenty of sunshine and warmth to share with all the snowbirds. If you’re getting anxious for holiday travel…consider a pre-holiday vacation and make your way down.

If you’re looking for things to do while you’re here in Montezuma or around the Nicoya Peninsula, we’ve got lots of options here. If you’re looking for ways to get to the area, consider this blog.