Cabo Blanco Birthday - Costa Rica

Celebrating Cabo Blanco’s Birthday

Yesterday, Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve celebrated it’s 51st birthday. Joining in the celebration were families and businesses from around the area that recognize the importance of this reserve and it’s ongoing preservation of nature and wildlife.

Cabo Blanco Birthday - Costa Rica Cabo Blanco Birthday - Costa Rica Cabo Blanco Birthday - Costa Rica

Known as an absolute reserve, Cabo Blanco was the first protected natural area of Costa Rica. Today it is visited by tourists from all over the world who want to see white faced monkeys, coati, exotic birds and of course the cape for which the reserve gets it’s name Cabo Blanco, or “white cape” at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

While visitors often come to the area only to hike and see some wildlife, the celebration reminds us how valuable nature is and what a huge part it plays in local lifestyle and culture. It not only helps us become aware of the role nature plays in everyone’s lives, but also more apt to contribute to it’s preservation. And for that reason, why wouldn’t you sing Happy Birthday to a national park?

If you’re interested in visiting Cabo Blanco, contact us for reservations or to inquire about rates.




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