Green Season Costa Rica

What “Green” Really Means

It’s ‘green season‘ in Costa Rica. What that means is that it’s the rainy season; a time when many travelers opt to avoid the country due to the rain that dampens the joy of beach time and many outdoor activities. What it really means though, is a beautiful lush green countryside, sprinkled with periodic showers that cool the humid tropical air. It’s also a great time to be in Costa Rica because there are fewer travelers crowding the roads, beaches and buses and also making rates on many activities and accommodations much more affordable.

Moreover, while for many regions throughout the country, rain has drenched the land for months now, Montezuma, located in the southern Nicoya Peninsula, feels like summer never ended. Although the effects of this are yet undetermined and cause is still uncertain, the fact is, that now is the time to visit. Many visitors make their travel arrangements around the beginning of the holidays, mid-November on, but one of the best times to be in the area is precisely, right now! The area is literally green and beautiful, calm and best of all, still has plenty of sunshine and warmth to share with all the snowbirds. If you’re getting anxious for holiday travel…consider a pre-holiday vacation and make your way down.

If you’re looking for things to do while you’re here in Montezuma or around the Nicoya Peninsula, we’ve got lots of options here. If you’re looking for ways to get to the area, consider this blog.


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