Keeping it Clean

Unfortunately, like many beaches around the world, the beaches in Montezuma occasionally need a good cleaning. Luckily, volunteers got together over the weekend to make sure the beaches stay clean, healthy and ready for everyone to enjoy.

Keeping it Clean - CanteenCleaning up isn’t all there is to it though; it’s about preventative measures too. Some of the things we do to help reduce waste and keep beaches from pollution are: minimize use of plastic bottles, reuse bags and containers whenever possible, and use the provided bins to recycle whenever possible. We also encourage guests to use refillable water bottles or canteens and reusable grocery bags.

There’s a few simple measures you can take as well to ensure that you don’t contribute to beach pollution. When you’re enjoying the beach, make sure you pack up all your garbage too and dispose of it in the containers at the beach entrance. If there isn’t one around, hang on to it, you’re bound to pass one on your way back to the hotel or into town. Dispose of cigarette butts properly too, that sand is for sitting! But not for cigarettes. 🙂 And if you get really motivated, you can throw away that wrapper or bottle someone else missed or left behind too.

Sometimes pollution issues are much larger than the individual level, but if every person does their small part, it definitely won’t hurt. We love beaches and we know you do too!

Here’s to keeping Montezuma, Costa Rica pristine and rubbish free!


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