A Costa Rican Culinary Treat: Chorreadas con Natilla

It’s the middle of September. And while there are still many sunny days in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, there’s nothing more perfect to enjoy on a rainy morning or afternoon during the wet season than a homemade chorrreada with natilla cream and a delicious cup of coffee.

Chorreadas are a flat round corn cake similar in appearance to a pancake. This simple Costa Rican dish is made with few ingredients including corn (the main ingredient), milk, salt and oil, and goes best topped with natilla, a sour cream that perfectly complements the savory and slightly sweet treat.

It all starts with a bundle of fresh corn. During the rainy season is a fashionable time to enjoy chorreadas as it’s a time when corn is being harvested, and the abundance of it by local Costa Rican farmers like Mario (pictured) brings lots of surplus to make enough chorreadas to go around. The process goes something like this: boil the corn, blend all the ingredients together, pour onto a hot ‘comal’, and you’ll be eating chorreadas in no time.


The best place to try one of these would be from a local family or small restaurant where you get a real, traditional sample of how the dish is made and how it should taste. If you’d like to see it done, we can always arrange a special “Let’s Get Local” tour to give the inside view. But for now, enjoy this video, and when your mouth begins to water… jump on a plane and come to see us! We’ll eat one for you in the meantime. 😉