Make Any Tour an Eco-tour

“Ecotourism”… it sounds like a big fancy word right? It really just means responsible travel to help conserve environment and well-being of local people.* A lot of companies and destinations promote ‘ecotourism’, but actually, you can make any tour or vacation eco-friendly and still get the best out of your trip. Try it out on your next vacation with these easy steps:

Keeping it Clean - Canteen

Just say no to water bottles – Bring a reusable canteen or water bottle. We really like Klean Kanteen since they’re sturdy stainless steel and of course any BPA free bottle is great. Many hotels and hostels offer free or low cost water bottle refills, and if they don’t, water from the tap in Montezuma is safe to drink. Easier for you and easier on the environment. If you don’t have a strong stomach or are uncertain about water potability, consider purchasing some water purification tablets to bring with you such as these iodine tablets, just in case.

bagUse re-usables – Reusable grocery bags are great for traveling. You can easily find bags that are pocket sized to throw in your luggage and whip out when you need to pick up a few items at the grocery store or souvenir shop. ChicoBags are great because they’re not only pocket sized and durable, but there are also many products made from recycled materials.

Take a walk (or ride)– Explore on foot, reduce carbon emissions and see more of the world around you. Of course cruising in a rental car or shuttle with the A/C full blast is comfy, but you can actually take your time and see more of a small area on foot. If walking isn’t your style, try two wheels instead of four and rent a bike to get around. Bicycle rentals in Montezuma run from about $10-$20 a day.

Conserve energy & water – We know, it’s hot here. But lowering your A/C, and turning it off when not in use saves a lot of energy. You can also conserve energy and water by asking hotel staff not to replace towels and linens every day unless absolutely necessary, and taking shorter showers especially during the dry season when water reserves may be lower.

All these things will help the environment, but they’ll also ensure that the area is well maintained for the residents who share their community with vacationers year-round. We’re pretty sure they’ll be thankful for your small but responsible and thoughtful actions. 🙂



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